Monday, May 3, 2010

not feeling so great

today i have been so sick. my throat hurts so bad! and i have the worst head ache! this is not cool. i can't take any medicine being pregnant and all so hopefully it just goes away on it's own. i would really like to not have to go to the doctor. so hopefully i wake up tomorrow and it is all gone! :) i know staying on the phone with curtis all night as he drives isn't going to help my situation but i can't help it. i hate that he has to drive so far. but he's tough.


Anonymous said...

Jenna....maybe a priesthood blessing from your dad? We've been trying to talk a lot with Curtis, too. We're really happy that he slept 4 hours last night. You are in our thoughts.....and prayers. Love ya....Frank and Cynthia.

Sarah said...

Ahhh a girl- how exciting Jenna! So happy for you guys! Miss ya!