Friday, May 14, 2010

sing sing sing

when i was in high school the main thing i was involved in was choir.
i loved it so much.
my senior year i was in all three choirs
it pretty much consumed my life and i was okay with that :)
i loved to sing. i still do, but then i got to do it every day!
last night i went to my high schools spring concert
it was fun because my choir director uses the same songs over the years
so i recognized a few of the song. it was hard to keep from singing
but luckily for me at the end of every concert the director mr elg invites any alumni to come up and sing
the same two songs he does at the end of every concert
it was so much fun to get back on stage and sing again.
i also got to see a few of my old choir friends.
it is always so fun to see their reactions to me being married and pregnant
it was such a great night and it was fun to spend it with my mom who joined me.
all i have to say is...
"how can i keep from singing"

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