Monday, September 27, 2010

Curtis and his surgery!

Just this past Wednesday Curtis had knee surgery. So we got up that morning and I had him at the hospital at 6:30am. I was finally able to see him in recovery 2 at about noon. He was all drugged out and the first thing he says as the nurse wheels him into the room is..
"Hey look! There's my baby mamma!"
I then knew I was about to meet a whole new Curtis. The nurse then asks me about the baby, what we're having and when she's due. Curtis immediately cuts in and says,
"We're naming her batman! She painted a B for the nursery and that stands for batman!"
I explained to the nurse that the B was for Brooklynn and NOT for batman. She then is moving Curtis from the wheel chair to the regular chair for him to sit in while he rested for a bit and so they could give me directions on how to take care of this crazy guy. 
She says: "I'm sorry if this hurts"
Curtis says: "You can't hurt me, I'm like wolverine!"
The nurse then asks me something I never wanted someone to assume about my husband:
"Is he really into comic books??"
I immediately start laughing and answer her "NO"
The rest of our stay at the hospital was comical but he eventually came to his senses which equaled him being in a lot of pain. So we rushed over to the 711 to get him a Dr. Pepper so he could take his pain killers. The nurse told him to start out eating light.. such as crackers and some water, but Curtis really wanted Arby's, and I just couldn't tell him no. 
A few hours later we both had to pay for that mistake, but more so him than me.
Everything he had started to come back up. And not very nicely. I felt SO bad for him. Since he was on crutches he couldn't really bend over therefore throwing up pretty much ALL over the bathroom. It wasn't that much fun to clean up but the good thing was that he felt better after. He threw up a couple times that day. Luckily it was only that day he got sick.
So since then I have had the honor of taking care of him and I love it. Yeah I might be a little more tired than I like, but it's worth it. We just hang out at home together and I love this time we have since any time now we are going to have our daughter and things are going to get CRAZY! (not soon enough)
He's doing much better today, I still ice the knee 30 min on 30 min off every time we're home. Before we know it he'll be off those crutches! I love him very much and I'm happy that he finally got the knee surgery that he needed!
This is Curtis today with his small little brace... okay not so small. But he's still good looking! :-)


Janice said...

i laughing at this post and baby batman! Wow! That is the most gigantic leg brace I have ever seen! hope he is getting better quickly! Feel better soon Wolverine!

Curtis.Duty said...

You see, in the comic series X-men, wolverine has the ability to heal much faster than the average human. Thus, my drawing the comparison. I'll have my dancing shoes on before baby Batman makes her debut, holler! Thanks for the wishes Jan! Give the boys some Redbull for me and tell them i'll be there for Christmas!