Monday, May 31, 2010

lake with the family

today me and my family went to the mission viejo lake. it was a nice day today. it was hot but there was a nice breeze keeping you from getting too hot. it was a fun day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

can't sleep..

life is not easy. my husband is on the other side of the country, my back hurts pretty much all of the time, i feel like i have lost a lot of friends, i am alone a lot and i feel lonely. i have been thinking about this all a lot lately and i've come to the conclusion that i am looking at this all wrong. yeah my husband is on the other side of the country but he is doing what he has to do to support our family and i am so thankful for that and i love him for that very much and in no time we will be reunited and on our way to starting a beautiful family. my back does hurt but it's a very small price to pay for what i am getting in return, i am getting a baby. a daughter. i can deal with the pain to have her in my life. i love her so much. i have lost some friends along this journey i've been on but it's been good for me. it's made me realize who my true friends are. the ones who have really stuck it out with me through everything and have not judged me at all. and even though the number of those people is very small they are a huge part of my life and i am thankful for them. and being alone isn't such a bad thing. i have time to read my scriptures, read other things i like, exercise, think, pray, learn, spend time with my amazing family, and pretty much anything i want. once my baby is born my life is going to revolve around her and i am so excited for that. but this is good for me to take this time and become the person i've always wanted to be and be happy so that i can be the best mother to my baby girl i can be. and to be the best wife i can be because curtis is a hard worker and he takes care of me. he deserves the best and i will spend eternity trying to be the best wife i can possibly be. well, that is my rant for the night. goodnight everyone!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

due date change

at my doctor appointment on friday they told me that my due date was being pushed back 5 days on account of them measuring inaccurately at my 12 week appointment. so instead of october 7 my due date is now october 12. 5 days is not that big of a deal but it does seem like forever away! but other then that she is perfectly healthy and on her way slowly but surely. i love getting ultrasounds so i can see her. i can't wait until she's here! it's so great finally being able to feel her now. i can't wait to meet her face to face! :)

the buckets!

friday my dad and i took my nephews to "the buckets". lots of watery fun! it was a nice day out and we all had a great time! here are some pictures of them! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

my belly

this is a picture that my dad took of me at the movies today while i was on the phone with curtis. it's not a very good picture of my belly but it is slowly but surely growing..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

guess what?!

today i realized that i really can feel my baby moving!
it almost feels like little taps coming from the inside.
it's the best feeling ever!
i can't wait until october!

Friday, May 21, 2010


92 days....
until the summer is over,
and i'm officially back with curtis forever!
it cannot come fast enough!
i found this old picture of curtis and me that i love!
so i thought i'd post it!
haha :)

kimmy's wedding

tonight was my friend kimmy's wedding. it was a beautiful wedding and she looks absolutely beautiful! it was fun to go and see her and see lots of other friends i hadn't seen in a while. it was a great night!


i don't know what it is about bagels these days but almost every day when i wake up all i can think about it bagels. i know they are not the most healthy choice for a breakfast but i just want them so bad! so this morning i had one. :)
today i have an appointment at the mac store to get my computer fixed. the exterior of the computer is starting to chip off. i didn't think they could fix that but i found out that they can. so hopefully i can get that taken care of today.
today one of my oldest friends kim got married! it's crazy how many people are getting married this summer it's so great! tonight is her reception and i am excited to go. today is going to be a good day.
i hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

goals for today.

today my goals are to read one talk out of the conference edition of the ensign
and start reading my book atlas shrugged by ayn rand.
i bought the book like 2 weeks ago and have yet to start it. today is the day!!
oh yeah and i must stretch! i always feel so much better if i stretch!
so those are my goals for today! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

curtis lately...

every once in a while curtis and his guys get a day off and they try and do something fun. this time they decided to go to the rock and roll hall of fame. he had a really good time but said it was kind of overwhelming because there is so much to see! i'm jealous and wish i could have been there but i'm glad he is making time to have fun! so here are some pictures below of my ridiculously good looking husband at the rock and roll hall of fame! enjoy!!
i love you curtis!

rock & roll

Saturday, May 15, 2010

letters to juliet

tonight melanie and i went and saw the movie letters to juliet. it's been a while since i'd seen a good chick flick so i was really excited to go. turns out it was better than i expected. i'm such a sucker for romance and that happily ever after.
it got me thinking about love and being in love. i am a very lucky girl to have such an amazing man in my life who takes care of me so well. i would be lost without him. i've been in love with him since the second i saw him and that's not a lie. and now i am having a baby girl and i couldn't think of anyone else who would be a better father then Curtis. i can't believe i'm starting a family and i am so excited about it. and back to the movie, in the movie a girls name was sophie. originally, we were going to name our baby millie but i have just fallen in love with the name sophie. so we may have a name change... not sure yet. i suppose i still have time to decide.
millie or sophie? hmm...
anyway, that's all i have to say for now other then the fact that i miss my husband more then anything!!!! well, goodnight.

Friday, May 14, 2010

sing sing sing

when i was in high school the main thing i was involved in was choir.
i loved it so much.
my senior year i was in all three choirs
it pretty much consumed my life and i was okay with that :)
i loved to sing. i still do, but then i got to do it every day!
last night i went to my high schools spring concert
it was fun because my choir director uses the same songs over the years
so i recognized a few of the song. it was hard to keep from singing
but luckily for me at the end of every concert the director mr elg invites any alumni to come up and sing
the same two songs he does at the end of every concert
it was so much fun to get back on stage and sing again.
i also got to see a few of my old choir friends.
it is always so fun to see their reactions to me being married and pregnant
it was such a great night and it was fun to spend it with my mom who joined me.
all i have to say is...
"how can i keep from singing"

choir photos

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i need... do something good with my summer.
i have so much time!!
...what to do!?!?

good times

yesterday i had my third ultrasound
it was so great to see my baby girl again
she is so cute!
there are some pictures below from the ultrasound
i really liked these ones
it's crazy how you can see her fingers so well!
i love it!
today i went on a really good walk!
i drove to my friend nicole's apartment in irvine
we went on a walk with her baby boy carter
we found this really pretty lake to walk around
it was nice to go on a walk with her and talk
she is such a great friend and always puts me in a good mood.
thanks nicole for being so great!!
now i'm half helping make dinner while of course watching...
CSI! gosh this shows addicting!

baby photos!



hand and open mouth. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day weekend

this weekend was a fun weekend.
saturday was my sister ashley's birthday.
we went to breakfast in the morning then did some shopping after.
while we were at the mall for the first time ever someone asked me when i was due!
it was the first time someone could tell i was pregnant and not just fat!
it totally made my day!
then that night i went to dinner with my parents and a bunch of my extended family.
we had some good mexican food.
today was mothers day.
my mom and i got flowers from my amazing sweet husband curtis.
i love him so much!
we went to my sister janice's ward to see my nephews sing in church!
it was so cute!
then after all the boys made us dinner while we got to sit on the couch and relax
it was such a great day!
i can't wait til next year when i can celebrate this day with my baby girl! :)
hope everyone had a great mothers day! i sure did!

photos from ashley's birthday breakfast!

Friday, May 7, 2010


i haven't done much lately..
i've gone out to eat a lot cause that's what everyone wants to do.
but i'm not complaining cause i love to eat. :)
i went to CPK with my friend molly.
it was so great to catch up with her
i bought a book.
atlas shrugged by ayn rand
it's over 1,000 pages.
haven't started it yet cause it scares me. ha
went to lunch at wild buffalo wings with mel yestersday
then we went to the beach. it was SO nice out!
we saw 3 dolphins!
then last night i went to outback with my parents.
they have the best mac n cheese!
this morning i watched my nephews for a few hours
now i'm catching up on my tv shows i haven't watched.
tonight i'm going to dinner with my friend heather.
more food.
food has pretty much been the theme of my life.
but i forgot to mention that i have been exercising.
i just forgot cause that's boring. lol
i think today i'll do my pregnancy yoga dvd
yeah that's what i'll do..
right after this show... ;)

photos from the beach