Monday, March 5, 2012

funny funny girl.

I forgot to share this a while back.
When we were on our way back to Utah from California we stopped at a Del Taco.
At Del they have these little baskets full of all the sauces nice and neat..
Now this is how the baskets get like this..
You have a baby who is very bored of the car and needs to release some energy..
Seriously, they were ALL over.
But I felt so bad that she had to be in the car all day I just let her have a little fun.
AND she got to drink some of Daddy's root beer shake. :)
It was a pretty funny Dal Taco experience. 


Jen said...

haha I love the one all the way to the right where she is in mid-air. it was sweet of you to let her have some fun after the car ride :) she looks adorable with the big root beer shake too!

Foster said...

I believe that our daughters would have a lot of fun together. Abby would do the same things with all the packets and drinking all of her dads drink.