Friday, March 2, 2012

my husband the hockey player

Curtis' company Vivint has a hockey team that plays every year. This year Curtis decided to join the team. It was his first time every playing ice hockey and maybe his 3 times every ice skating. 
He's actually really good. I was definitely impressed!
He's #60.
that's him in the penalty box. haha ;)


post9 said...

Love it! Hockey is a big deal in Alaska and my husband even convinced me to get my own skates, it can be a pretty rough sport!!

Elle Keeps Moving said...

i'm wayy too intimidated by ice skating to try anything like that, but it looks awesome. my brother works for vivint, btw!

Curtis.Duty said...

My hockey skills lack something to be desired, but I have fun anyway!

Mrs. Prince said...

THis is AWESOME! I think that your husband plays at the same rink as mine!!! it def. looks familiar!