Thursday, August 29, 2013

hey get a good nights sleep, you're not going to get that for a while, they say.

here i am... 3:25 in the morning.. been up since 2.. went to bed at 12. 

cannot sleep. 

today is the day i have this sweet little girl. i'd love to be sleeping right now since i'm supposed to get up in 20 minutes but i just cannot sleep.

first off it's about 10 thousand degrees in our house right now.

second since 11:30pm last night i cannot eat or drink anything at all until after the c-section.


i've thought about cheating like 500 times already.. but i haven't.

also, i'm supposed to check into the hospital at 5:30am but they make you call 1 hour before then just to make sure no crazy emergencies have come it and that they are not pushing back your surgery.

this happened to me when i was induced with Brooklynn so it's driving me crazy and i just want to know that i'll be able to come in on time and it's making it so i cannot sleep.

why am i not one of those people who can just chill and go with the flow? i am more of a person who needs to know right now or it's going to bug me forever. i'm dreading that i'm going to call and they are going to tell me not to come in and that i have to wait.

that will crush me and surely make me give into drinking 44oz of water right there on the spot.. okay not really but maybe. haha

i am going to be so exhausted though this process today with this no sleep deal i've got going on tonight but what can i say? i'm a worrier.

hopefully everything is all good. i want to meet this baby girl so bad!!!

...and i miss my other baby.

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