Thursday, August 15, 2013

t-minus 2 weeks people

alrighty, so we are officially 2 weeks away from having this sweet baby girl. 2 weeks never felt like so far away. every day feels like a week. i am soooo ready. 

now you want to know how i know we are exactly 2 weeks away? because i am having a scheduled c-section on august 29th at 7:30am. i have to admit that it is really nice knowing the exact date and time she will be making her arrival. there have been a lot of people who ask.. "why do you want to have another c-section? don't you wanna try?" and then i tell them how my delivery with Brooklynn went and then they understand...

finally induced 8 days over due...
would not dilate no matter what they did to make me (and they didn't some horrible things)
finally after 40 hours of labor barely being dilated to a 5 had her by c-section...
lost too much blood and had to have 2 blood transfusions..
2 rounds of antibiotics trying to get my temp down
i was in the hospital for a total of 10 days!

i absolutely do not want to go through that again. i'm okay with the fact that my body doesn't go into labor the way most do and that i have to have my babies by c-section. i am grateful for modern technology that allows me to have babies and that i didn't die giving birth to brooklynn. i know that's a little dramatic but that is most likely what would have happened without the option of a c-section. 

so this time around i will not be putting myself through endless hours of labor that i know will end in c-section. we just scheduled it out and i couldn't be more happy.

well, actually i'm a little nervous because it is major surgery and i'm quite possibly the worlds most paranoid person but it's all going to be good.

i cannot wait to meet our sweet girl. i know she is going to be an amazing addition to our family and curtis, brooklynn and i already love her so much! so hopefully these next 2 weeks go by SO fast because my back is killing me and i'm about to loose my mind! :)

also, i'm not sure i can stand one more person saying to me,
"whoa you're so big"
"are you sure there's not twins in there?"
"you look like you're going to pop"
"oh man, i thought you were way farther along then that!"
or anything along those lines or i might punch them in the face.

why do people think these things are okay to say to a pregnant women! come on people!!!

anywho, i'll leave you with some photos from when b was born.
 photo 33466_503809871882_323614_n_zpse04698b6.jpg
^^look how sweet curtis and b are!! don't mind me in the background feeling like death! ha!"^^
 photo 68699_503826189182_6575575_n_zpsb3e31753.jpg
^^here is a few days after brooklynn was born.. still not much color in my face but b was so cute!!^^

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karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

You are super mom, Jenna! I'm so excited for your family! My first is due this Friday and I'm anxiously awaiting!!!