Tuesday, August 13, 2013

jump on it

last week curtis and i took brooklynn to jump on it. it's a place that has a bunch of trampolines all connected to each other. it is so much fun! back in the day when i was a crazy college student my friend and i used to go here on friday nights and just jump for hours. i have to admit that i was having a really hard time not jumping... you know... being 2 weeks away from having a baby and all. but brooklynn and curtis had a blast. i think brooklynn would be fine if we went there every day. she also made a little friend there which was fun for her. they played together for almost 3 hours! we will definitely be going back after we have our new little one and i've recovered from having her.. so much fun!
 photo photo_zps53711474.jpg
 photo photo_zps5d3aff45.jpg
^^love this blurry photo of B jumping into the foam pit!^^

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