Sunday, August 11, 2013

long nights.

it's been a while since i've posted in here. i really am going to be better. i miss this little space of mine. 

right now i am sitting on my couch thinking about this long day that is ahead of me. we are about two and a half weeks away from our sweet baby girl's arrival and i'm pretty sure brooklynn is starting to sense that things are about to change... an already super attached mamas girl is now a "mama has to do everything for me or i am going to throw a gigantic tantrum" girl. let's just say it's really rough on me who has barely enough energy to get by on my own and for curtis who isn't really a fan of not being able to help her.

i mean, clearly this has got to be a phase but it's really starting to wear on me.. especially because for the past couple days she hasn't been sleeping very well and i am up for many hours of the night. yes i know this is what is coming anyway and i am okay with that. but at this point of my pregnancy my back is seriously killing me and sitting next to her and scratching her back like she wants me to is hurting me pretty bad.

at this point i am just not sure what to do with her other than just wait out this phase and hope it gets better. because if it doesn't... those first few weeks with baby are going to be... interesting. ha

i love brooklynn so much and i just want her to be happy and i just hope we can figure this out. because since she isn't sleeping she's having a hard time in the day. and that is just no fun for anyone involved. 

so wish us luck that we can figure out this funk and get back to all of our happy selves... so i don't go crazy. cause everyone knows that no one likes a crazy mom. :)

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^^love these two^^


Cristina said...

No sleep is not fun on the momma :( Where are you guys in this picture? It's so pretty!

The Dials said...

I feel your pain. SERIOUSLY!!! Ethan is doing the same thing right now. Usually he chooses my husband over me but lately mommy has to do to EVERYTHING. And he's also doing the same thing with sleeping at night. It's wearing on me. It's crazy how they can sense that life is going to change. At least we're both in the final days of our pregnancies.

jen said...

i feel like my daughter got really clingy right before we had our 2nd. she turned 2 right after he was born so she was a similar age. anyway,it seemed to get much better once he got here..which shocked me. same thing with our 2nd when we had our 3rd. he was super clingy in general and i was anticipating mass chaos after the baby came but nope, it's like he just decided to grow up and stop demanding to be held. maybe the same will happen for you?

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

yayy! I'm glad you are back! Our due dates are so close to each other, we are due on the 23rd of August! :) I want to see some baby bump pictures and some updates from you! :) Hope all is going well and that cute little brooklynn gives her mama a nap soon! :)