Tuesday, August 27, 2013

no more only child.

tonight was the last night that i put brooklynn down for bed as an only child.

the last night where my 100% focus was on her where i had no other distractions.

we're not having our little girl until thursday but since i have to check into the hospital at 5:30am and the hospital is about 40 minutes away it would be too hard to drop her off somewhere so early so she will be sleeping at my in-laws tomorrow night.

normally, we do our nightly routine and then she falls asleep on her own. but tonight i sat down next to her bed and sang her songs and scratched her back until she fell asleep.. then just watched her sleep for a few minutes before i left.

gosh, my heart is so heavy. i'm never away from her and so i'm worried about being away from her while being in the hospital. i mean, i know once i get there i'll have so much on my mind, you know, like bringing another baby into the world, that i'll stop stressing about her. especially because i know how much she loves her grandma and grandpa and they are amazing and she is going to be so happy there.

i really just need to relax.. which i'm not all that great at doing when it comes to my little girl. she's just been with me all of the time since she was born. i've only been away from her over night once while we went on a cruise when she was 9 months old. 

i think it's time i toughen up.

so, tomorrow is our last day as a family of three. SO CRAZY!!!! 
i cannot wait to meet my sweet little girl.
one. more. day.

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Cyndi said...

Oh Jenna, best of luck on Thursday. You're such a good mom. It is a sad day, the day your first child gets pushed aside to make room for another. It is sad. Good thing babies sleep a lot...so there is still time for little Brooklyn. You will be amazed at how much joy 2 little kids bring. The most precious thing is to see your own child love on the new baby...it's the best. Good luck.