Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I have decided to start packing and get ready to head on back to Utah! I can't believe I'll be back in Utah next Saturday! I am SO very excited to go back to Utah and finally after 4 LONG months be reunited with Curtis! But, it will be sad too. I have had a great time spending so much time with my family. It has been a really long time since I have spent this much time at home and I have to say I didn't hate it. My family is crazy but they made me who I am today. I've loved spending lots of time with my 4 amazing nephews! They are the light of my life and I love them so much! I am really going to miss them when I go back to Utah! The rest of my family is pretty great too. :) And not to mention how much my mom spoils me when I am home! I definitely am going to miss that!! She has done a great job taking care of me while I've been here and I love her for that very much! She truly in an incredible mom! I am going to miss going to the movies with my parents and their friends! Some of the best times I have had at home where the time I spent hanging out with my parents, and if you knew me when I was younger you might have just about fallen over when you read that, but it's true! They are so much fun! I am also going to miss my friends here as well!
Man, well back to my point, today I have been hard core packing and organizing! I can't believe how much stuff I have accumulated over the summer! I pretty much have a whole new wardrobe which was needed since none of my old clothes fit me any more! Being pregnant will do that to ya! Then there is the cook books and the kitchen stuff I have gotten as well. I'm not even going to get started on the amount of baby stuff I have started to collect... and I am going to have MUCH more by the time I leave for Utah next week! I feel like you can never have too much baby stuff.. although Curtis might disagree with me on that one. haha.  
Lets just say that as I am packing today I have realized how truly blessed I am and I am very thankful for that. But, now I must get back to it or i'll stop! I just wanted to blog about how I was feeling at the moment!

OH! And guess what people!? I've hit 30 weeks! That's huge! Only 10 more weeks to go and my sweet angel will be here! AHH I can't wait!!! 


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