Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st!!!!

I can't believe it! It's August 1st!
That means... 
That is really great news! I have not seen him for 3 months and I miss him more then I can explain to all of you! These next 3 weeks are going to go very slow for me I just know it, but it's so close!! I head back to Utah with my parents in a little less than 2 weeks so I'll be back in Utah before Curtis. We are going out there for my cousins wedding and my dad has that week off so whenever my parents get the chance they like to go out there and help out my grandparents! So hopefully since I haven't seen anyone in Utah for a long time that, last week will go by quickly catching up with friends before Curtis gets back! He hasn't been able to feel the baby move yet so before he gets home I'm going to have to drink some orange juice or something to make sure he can feel her right away.. although I think that with all my adrenaline pumping through me from being so excited I'm pretty sure she'll have no choice but to start moving around! haha. So I pretty much cant wait for August 22nd, when Brooklynn and I will finally be reunited with Curtis. 
It will be a great day! :)

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