Saturday, May 21, 2011

What time is it? Summer Time!

Today was the first day that the pool in our apartment complex opened. They had a pool party and also were raising money for children with cancer. They just wanted to raise $300. No problem right? They had food and drinks and music. We were worried cause the forecast said it was supposed to rain all weekend. But, I got up this morning and it was 75 and sun was shining! So all us wives and kids headed over to the pool.
It was sad when they had been collecting money all week and for the hour and a half the party was going on and they had only raised $80!!! We felt way bad. There are hundreds of people at this complex and they had $80!! So we went and donated money and got some raffle tickets. We ended up leaving but Paityn could hear them doing the raffle, she heard herself win and then heard me win TWICE! hahaha. I put my address on all of the raffle tickets so they supposedly are supposed to bring me what I won. So funny. 
It was hot outside and the pool was freezing! But we still had a blast! 
I absolutely LOVE all the wives out here. They are my saving grace and I know I am making friends for a lifetime. They are all so amazing! 
I only was able to snap one photo of cute baby B in her cute swim suit. Next time I'll take more photos. It'll be easier when Curtis can come with me. Taking a baby to the pool especially during lunch time. And I was so afraid she was going to get burnt. Ah that would be make feel so bad.. so I was paranoid. And it's so hot outside I don't want her to get dehydrated. But I'm sure i'll get the hang of it. 

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Paityn Ann said...

I wonder what we won!! lol too funny. I am so burnt by the way.