Sunday, November 6, 2011

goodbye california

today we are headed back to Utah. And this time we will be there for longer than 5 seconds. We don't leave again until Christmas. So now it's time to get our apartment organized and my life back in order!
Hopefully we have a smooth trip! It's snowing in Utah. YIKES!


highheels2flipflops said...

My family told me it was snowing in Utah yesterday and I chucked as we were at the Houston Zoo in the nice weather enjoying ourselves :) I will NOT miss the Utah snow. I absolutely adore sitting indoors and watching it snow, the ambiance that it creates and such. But I do not like being in it. Have fun in Utah for us! Hopefully one day we will cross paths and meet! xoxo

Christa said...

welcome back to the SNOW!! We leave Utah on December 1st to go to California haha! ill be having guest posters doing Chritmas DIY projects or recipes ect. If your intersted you should let me know!
Contact me on my blog {} or email me {}

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip back!

I'm Simply Momma said...

Yes its snowing and yes it sucks! Im very jealous of your cali warmth!! It was sunny today and alot of the snow has hopefully it won't be too bad.

That picture is adorable! your daughter has gorgeous eyes

tahnie said...

Hey there! Yes it has been snowing here, so sorry you are coming back to the cold! This photo of your daughter is GORGEOUS!!

Happy Monday!

jessica dukes said...

shes so sweet!