Thursday, November 10, 2011


It's cold here in Utah right now. I love it. I have never been so ready for winter after spending a way too hot summer in St. Louis. But last week we were in Orange County, CA where I grew up and so Curtis, Brooklynn, and I went on a walk at my favorite place to go on walks growing up. 
It's too cold to go on walks in the winter and that's one thing I miss.
Here are some photos I took on our walk last week. 

Isn't it beautiful?!


kristenplumb said...

i love SM lake!

Mrs. Prince said...

So funny! this is where my Husband went on walks as a little boy. he even named a certain duck that would follow him around and try and grab his bread :) I love this place too

Anonymous said...

really? the rsm lake? Wasn't that kinda far for you to drive? Why not Mission Lake? p.s. this is nikki. I don't want to log out of my teacher email haha

The Duty's said...

haha nikki it's only like 10 minutes. and the mission lake is not pretty. haha.

Cerrisse said...

So pretty!