Sunday, June 20, 2010


today was fathers day. i think fathers day is a great day. i am so blessed to have grown up with an amazing father who has always been there for me! through thick and thin! he has never judged me and has always loved me for who i am. he is such a hard worker and i am thankful for him! i love you daddy!

i also have great father-in-law who so far has been nothing but wonderful! i haven't gotten to spend much time with him but the time i have gotten to spend with him has been wonderful! he is always so happy and so delightful to have around! he is a great example to me and i know that my husband looks up to him very much!

my husband, curtis who is a father-to-be is going to best the greatest dad ever! i can't wait for that first time he gets to hold his daughter! i love him very much and i know his daughter and other future children are going to love him as well!


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