Tuesday, June 29, 2010

out with the negative, in with the positive

i've decided that i need more positivity in my life. i've developed this habit of watching CSI: crime scene investigators every single day. i thought it was so interesting. but every episode is about murder and crime and it was starting to consume my mind. i don't like that. so, no more CSI for me. it's been two days and i have withdrawals... BUT i feel better about my day after not watching it. today i watched this show called a baby story, now that is more my style. babies! i also have been reading talks by President Monson, this also makes me happy. i need happiness. i get depressed so easy these days that i know i need to do things that uplift me and make me happy.
so it's goodbye to csi and hello to things that make me happy.

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ash+kris said...

I always watch TLC.. everything on that channel is great! I also love E but it makes me want to be a STAR! And I never will be one.. haha :) GOOD JOB on kicking the CSI habit!!!