Tuesday, June 8, 2010

today i am..

22 weeks pregnant!!!
according to the books that i read that means:
-the baby weighs about 1 pound! and whole pound!
-is about 8 inches long!
-the baby has eyelids, and even eyebrows!
-fingernails are now visible
-the baby now reacts to light (crazy)
-the baby can hear my voice and pretty much everything around her!
-and last but not least taste everything i eat!

it's crazy how much these little ones can do inside of us. i feel her moving more and more everyday and it's the best feeling ever! i go to sleep to her moving around in there and i wake up to her moving around. i feel like we are almost bonding. i love knowing that she's in there by feeling her. it truly is the best feeling. being pregnant is such a miracle and even though at times it is difficult i wouldn't trade it for anything! i can't wait until she's here!

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