Thursday, June 3, 2010


i am so happy that it's june.
every morning since june 1st i have woken up to and overcast ski. talk about june gloom. it seems that it's getting better as the day goes on. i'm just waiting for my dad to get home he's bringing me lunch. cheese pizza! i LOVE cheese pizza. it's one of my favorite foods. and these days i think about food a lot.
but on the other hand i have been swimming a lot. my doctor says that swimming is the best thing you can do while pregnant because it takes almost all of the pressure off your joints and it keeps your body temperature down. even just being in a swimming pool is good for your body. so that's my new favorite thing to do. it's nice that we have a community pool right down the street from me so i don't have to go far. i think i will probably do that today.
after i eat my pizza.

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