Thursday, June 24, 2010


today is thursday. not much going on today. i had my bagel this morning and i'm watching CSI. that's pretty much how all of my days start off. now i'm trying to figure out what i am going to have for lunch. haha wow my life is so hard right now. kidding. last night i spent 2 hours downloading and installing the new 4.0 software for my iphone because i wanted to be able to put a picture on the back screen. turns out after all that time that feature only works if you have a 3gs. i have the 3g. bummer!! that's alright though, it's not the end of the world. there are still some other new cool things that are done with the new software. truly, i love my iphone. :) tonight i am going with my friend to get her new iphone 4. i'm excited to play with it and see if it really is as cool as every says it is! woohoo! today i am wearing a shirt that my sister got me that says "due in october" on the front. it's always funny to see the reaction i get from people when they read it. i get people asking me if i really am due in october?! of course i am! no, i just like to wear this shirt cause i think it's funny. haha. well i've just been ranting because i'm bored but now i really am going to figure out what i am going to have for lunch!! byeee!!

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