Wednesday, June 23, 2010

some things that i love...

1. cheese pizza - this is first on the list because i just had some cheese pizza. call me boring but cheese pizza is the BEST! mmm best lunch ever!
2. my husband, curtis - okay duh, of course i love him. he's my husband! but i really do love this guy so much! he's pretty much the best husband ever and you should be jealous.
3. music - it's crazy how much music can effect my mood. music makes me happy. it also can make me sad. but i know what music makes me happy and i'm thankful for that music.
currently in my cd player: miley's new album.. don't judge me!
4. my family- even though they drive me crazy sometimes i would be lost without them. they do so much for me and i love them so much!
5. swimming- an exercise that i can do that does not hurt my back! and man, being 6 months pregnant i am sure thankful for that!
6. feeling my baby move- this might be my favorite thing ever right now! feeling brooklynn move around in my stomach is the best feeling ever! she is getting bigger every day which means i can feel her move more every day! i love it and it makes me very happy!
7. a clean room- this may come as a shock to some of you because my room seems to get messy so easy. but there is just something about having a really clean room that i love (that reminds me i need to clean today)
8. pedicures- i'm not huge on having my nails painted but it's the part where they rub my feet. mot relaxing thing ever! especially now being pregnant is hard on my feet, so getting them rubbed is like heaven!
9. my water bottle- i only like cold water. i have the best water bottle that has a big enough opening so i can put ice in it. i know that seems like such a silly to love but i really do love it.
10. BAGELS- i love bagels! seriously, every morning. i have to have a bagel before i can do anything else. it's the only thing that i crave. they are so great.

i love a lot of other things as well but these are just a few! :)

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