Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stress from a dress

this weekend, one of my best friends nicole is getting married. i am honored to be one of her bridesmaids. when she told me the news i was so excited! she picked such beautiful dresses which made me more excited. so i rushed off to david's bridal to order my dress. then guess what? two days later i found out i was pregnant! being so excited about the pregnancy and everything that was going on i completely forgot about the dress! so when david's bridal called me and told me my dress was in i knew i was in for trouble! i went to try my dress on again and guess what? IT DID NOT FIT! the wedding was 2 months away and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the dress if they have it in stock. i was going to be cutting in close. so i go to the front to order a bigger dress and guess what? the only one they had that would get to me in time for the wedding was only one size bigger. that wasn't going to work either. but i ordered it anyway. i have the dress now and am in a rush to figure out how to make this dress work! the wedding is on saturday! YIKES! i always thought the dress that would cause me the most stress would be my own wedding dress but honestly that was the easiest dress situation ever! now this bridesmaid dress is a whole new story! tonight me and my mom are going to try and get creative!
wish us luck!!!!

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ash+kris said...

WOW.. That sucks! Good luck! Let us all know what you ended up doing and take pics!!!