Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feeding Time Fights

Now, I'd like to say that I have the perfect baby. She sleeps through the night, she takes great naps, she is usually always happy (minus when she's teething but I don't blame her), and she is just the cutest thing on the planet! However, every once in a while I see this little attitude that comes out. 
It seems to happen the most when she is eating her baby food. She thinks it's funny to spit her food out. I don't think this is so funny. It's like every fourth bite comes right back out at my face. It's getting to the point where we both need a bib for feeding time. HA
Also, she seems to do it when she's starting to get full. It's good to know that she's full, but it would be nice if she could let me know in a nicer way. 
She also sometimes will just get mad out of nowhere in the middle of feeding her. 

It seems to help if I just continue talking to her the whole time as to distract her. It also helps if she has a toy but the problem with that is it goes right in her mouth.. where her food needs to be so it takes a lot longer to feed her. But better that then a mad spitty baby.

I look forward to when she can eat solid foods so we don't have to deal with the spitting.
But, nonetheless, I love this sometimes grumpy baby!

On a different note I had to run some errands and that just wore her out. 
I had to take a photo cause she just looked so peaceful.
Yep, that's my punkin. :)


Sarah said...

adorable! I hope that one day I am as lucky to have a child that sleeps through the night! haha

jessica whitaker said...

Oh my goodness, she is the cutest thing ever!!!