Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waking Up With A Sick Baby Is Sad

It has been kind of a rough day today. There is nothing that makes me more sad than when my little girl is not feeling well. For the past couple days she has been teething really bad so she has been more fussy than usual. Well, usually she is never fussy. So she probably wasn't being THAT fussy but for our house it was pretty fussy. I really want her teeth to just come in already.
The bottom two teeth were a breeze. But those top two are having a harder time comin' in!

Last night when we opened her door before we went to bed and she was snoring which she never does and we thought it kind of smelled in there but she was passed out so hard core we just went to bed. 

I really really really don't like getting up at 2am. Even more so when it's because B isn't feeling well. She had a super runny nose and couldn't stop sneezing. I felt so bad.

Then to top it all off I changed her diaper and realized it was, how to I put this lighty.... very full, and on top of that hurting her. I immidiately felt like the worst parent on the planet for not waking her up and changing her diaper earlier! Changing her diaper and seeing her in pain literally made me want to cry!
but we got through it.
I gave her a bottle and then put her back in bed.

I also really really really don't like getting up at 6am but atlas I was up at 6am.
I was shocked to find that she had another very "full" diaper and still has a runny nose.

By 7:30am she was back in bed. The rest of the day so far as consisted of her going down for an hour and up for a little less than 2. As the day goes on her nose seems to be getting a little better but her teeth are not starting to bug her again.
there is just no winning today.

She is currently taking a nap and hopefully she'll be feeling better when she gets up. I miss my happy baby. I wish I could do more for her when she doesn't feel good. 
Sick baby = sadness. 

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