Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still Freaking Out...

Every tuesday and wednesday my sister-in-law Marilyn comes over to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Which by the way is the best show ever! This season is SO great so far and I am SO happy that old ballroom lady is gonezo!!! 

So anyway, I wanted to go to they gym after so I asked Marilyn if she would watch B after the show since she would just be in bed asleep anyway. I was getting ready to go and I could NOT find my headphones. And I cannot work out without music, and of course I have small ears and not just any headphones will fit in my hears so it has to be MY headphones. So I'm searching everywhere for them. Last I remembered they were on the couch. So I pulled all of the cushions and this is what I saw...

UUUMMM?!?!?! WHHATTT???!!!
Yeah I just about peed myself. It wasn't moving and so I thought it was dead. 
Luckily Marilyn was there or I might have just died right there in my living room. 
We got something to poke it with and Marilyn poked it and moved it out from there and we found out that IT WAS FAKE!
I was so relieved yet still totally freaked out!! It it so gross looking.
Now if you're wondering how something like that could even get in the couch here's how.
All the fruniture that is in our apartment is rented by a company that Curtis' job hires. So I'm assuming that the people that had the couch before us must have had a cat or something.. and the more we sat on the couch it got wedged out.. 
AH soooo gross. 
So we got it out and put it in a zip lock bag and here now you can see that it's fake.. 
How messed up is that?!

AND to make matters worse I didn't work out and I still can't find my headphones.


Sarah said...

ew, so did they not clean the couch after the last people used it? lol

The Duty's said...

yeah i don't know... i think it was wedged in there pretty good so as we sat on it more and more i think it wedged itself out... still super freaking gross!!

The Cisneros Family! said...

Hahaha that's hilarious! It reminds me of this fake ugly rat that we used to have in the sorority house to scare the heck out of people hahahaha!

Stephanie said...

bahahaha that's so funny! You know, I try not to think about our couches and furniture being rented and used by other people and what they did on it... barf!
Love the new stylin blog =)