Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lately... (a very long post)

This is going to be a very long post with lots and lots of photos. It's been a long time since I've blogged so here we go. 
We really enjoy going to the pool. This is a photo of Brooklynn's little boyfriend Carter. She really likes him and they have full on conversations with each other. It's so cute!
 After the pool B is always super tired.
 But during she LOVES it!

 Now that Brooklynn is in a big girl car seat she has to sit in the cart instead of her car seat and she actually really enjoys it! She's so happy!
 Before bed Brooklynn likes to watch her Baby Einstien while playing in her gym thing.

 After her bath I have to rub aquaphore all over her because she is getting really dry skin here. It's really sad.
She looks so cute when she falls asleep in her car seat.
 Brooklynn LOVES the bath. Seriously, LOVES it. 
 It's really dang hot here... that's why we like the pool so much.. but 102? ahhh
 Rarely does Brooke ever fall asleep while being held but if she does you must take the opportunity to cherish it. LOVE <3
Brooklynn is SO close to crawling. She scoots all around but hasn't crawled yet. But she gets up into the position and rocks back and forth. It's really cute!

 Being so close to crawling makes her very happy.

 A while back I entered a contest to win "Sharpays Fabulous Adventure" with a signed clutch by Ashley Tisdale from the JustJaredJr website and I won. Finally got it in the mail. Clearly, I would never use that clutch but it was still fun to win!

 Whenever Auntie Marilyn comes over she brings Max... Brooklynn doesn't like it when Max gets in her face but she loves to play with his tail.
 We only brought out our jogging stroller which was getting really annoying so we got a $20 umbrella stroller and she wanted to be pushed all around the house in it.
 She's turning into a little climber.
 It's really hard to get sunscreen on her head because her hair is getting long and this is what it usually ends up looking like.

So yeah... lots of photos. Things are really fun right now. We are having a good time. Brooklynn is almost 8 months old and she weighs 22 lbs!! But one thing that we are NOT enjoying are the cicadas. They are a huge nasty flying bug that are alive just to mate and then die. They are only around for about 2 weeks but there are thousands of them and they are VERY loud! They freak me out. I have had them land on me and I freak out. I am ready for them to be gone!
But other then that we are having a great time out here! It's hot but it makes things fun. 

I'll try not to go so long before I blog again.

Happy Summer! :)


Stephanie said...

hehehe dang cicadas. K Brooklyn is the cutest thing ever, her and Carter really are bf/gf haha! You are so funny with the Sharpay contest... sometimes you really remind me of one of my best friends, her name's Jenna too! That's just sooo something she would do!

Anonymous said...


*liSa* said...

Oh my gooness Jenna! Brooklyn is hilarious! The pictures of her are awesome and i can't believe you won the contest!!! That justs makes me love you as a cousin even more!! :)

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