Monday, June 27, 2011

Time To Lose The Baby Weight!!!

I had Brooklynn a little more than 8 months ago... When I was pregnant I thought I would lose my weight really fast. I didn't like being so heavy. It wasn't me. But somehow.. I still have not lost the weight 8 months later! Before I got pregnant I could eat whatever I wanted and never gained a pound. So I never ate healthy, I ate fast food and junk all of the time! 

When I got pregnant I tried to eat healthier but I definitely could have done better. I retained a TON of water. I lost about 40 lbs of water after B was born. I thought I was going to continue to lose weight as fast as I was right after I had her until I was back to my pre pregnancy weight. WRONG. I lost those 40 lbs and haven't lost a pound since.. I hate to say it, but I've actually gained weight since then! {sadface}

I've tried to diet and work out but I do it for a couple days and then stop. And then I'll do it for a couple days and then stop. So, I'm documenting my weight loss journey on her so I will be more motivated to stick with it. 
So words of encouragement are encouraged! {happyface}

I have never been good at working out. I swear I don't have the mind power for it. The only way I truly enjoy working out is if I am dancing. But having a husband who works 12 hours a day and an 8 month old baby just doesn't allow me to do that. We have a gym at our apartment complex that I can go to in the morning and sometimes at night after B goes down to bed, Marilyn will come over so I can go for an hour. 

Now here's the goal:
I want to lose 30 lbs!!

Pre-pregnancy weight was: 110!!!
Weight the day I went into labor: 175!!! {um, WHOA!}
Weight 2 weeks after I had B: 130!!

and now my current weight... yeah I'm about to get real honest up in here..

145 lbs!

Now, I forgot to mention another factor into this equation. 
I am only 5'! 
That's really short. 
I am sick of being overweight and I am ready to do something about it!

So starting today I am working towards losing 30lbs.
I want to weigh 115!

Now, here's what I'm working for. When I hit my goal I am going to take $20 for every pound I lose to but new clothes! That's a whopping $600!! But not until I hit that 115 mark!!!

So I am going to be weighing into my blog every monday to track my weight loss.
Also, I will have a tab at the top of my blog titled "weight loss journey" to document my monday-sunday calorie intake and exercise. 

I'd like to stick to 1200 - 1400 calories a day and I will work out at least 1 hour a day but preferably 2 hours a day. 
I'm ready to burn some fat!


Sarah said...

good luck!!! try taking vitamins everyday too, like multi-vitamin, vitamin c, and b-12. they'll help your metabolism and keep you energized :)

The Cisneros Family! said...

You can do it! Just snack throughout the day so that way you never get too hungry and overeat during meal times! I'm excited to see you document the process! Woohooo for losing baby weight!

The Trotter Family said...

A few people in my ward have been really successful with Good luck Jenna! $20 a pound sounds like great motivation to me!

Erin said...

Good Luck! I'm currently right there with you! My calorie goal and work out goal is pretty much the same as well. So I'm feeling you! Thanks for documenting this, It will definitely help motivate myself! Let me know if you need any recipes or anything. I have tons, including some from the the Biggest Loser book (which I definitely recommend)

Stephanie said...

You can totally do this! If you ever miss a workout and need someone to watch B, you let me know! Maybe us girls should have a healthy dinner party with a recipe exchange. We can ALL eat a lot better I'm sure!

Alaythea said...

I hear ya, girl! Two years ago I started my weight loss journey. I'm 5 feet tall and was at almost 155lbs!!! I'm now down to 130 and MUCH fitter. I work out 6 days a week in my home using P90X, Insanity and Turbo Fire. I swear by these programs!!! I also have a fitness/healthy blog -check it out. Good luck and keep up the good work. It can be done! My ultimate goal is 120....I'm close but just can't seem to get there!

Andee Eve said...

Go girl!
I'm rooting for you! Maybe in between workouts you can blast some music and dance with Brooklyn! (Dance to celebrate the pounds melting off you! Dance to celebrate the new wardrobe! Dance to celebrate the fruit of the spirit self control!)

I'm your cheerleader!

You are gonna do it! I can already see you at 115. Gorgeous!


Sincerely, Kylee said...

Are you on

Sarah said...

You can so do this! And I really want you to pull it off so I can do it next year after I have my baby :)