Thursday, June 30, 2011

Um, WHOA!!

So, we're just hangin out at home all doin our own thing and I look over and Brooklynn is trying to climb up on the window... She's never pulled herself up on her own before so I grabbed my camera and we watched! It all happened so fast. I apologize that she is not facing the camera but she was looking at her daddy and I just got what photos I could, while making sure she didn't fall and hit her head!

So first she was on her knees.

Then she got one foot up!

And then she was standing!!!

I am so proud of my tiny punkin! She is getting so big and strong!
I love her so much!

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Kristy said...

She is SO CUTE!! How great that you captured this moment in pictures!!!!
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!! You and your family are so adorable!!