Monday, January 2, 2012

happy twenty dozen.

Yep. This year will be referred to as twenty dozen. Just let it happen. ;)

Anywho, New Year Eve was fun... Well, started out fun anyway. We went to my sister-in-laws house for tacos and cake balls. It's always so much fun to see the kids play together! They all love each other so much it makes me so happy. But we only made it to until about 10. 

Once Brooklynn had gone through 3 pairs of PJ's we realized we should get home.
So we headed on home. Brooklynn went to sleep just fine. We wanted to stay up until midnight of course to have our new years kiss. After which we went to bed.
At about 1am Brooklynn woke up which isn't totally weird. She does that sometimes. She takes a bottle and goes right back to sleep. Well tonight was different. She wouldn't take a bottle. So I changed her and put her back in bed. 

About one minute later she started hysterically crying..

 I went in and got her and she had a very full diaper that was definitely hurting her little bum and was freaking out. So I changed her again and put Barney on. I cuddled her on the couch until she calmed down. 
She finally looked like she was going to fall asleep in my arms so I got up and headed to her room to put her down. Just as I get to her room she throws up all over the place. So now Curtis is up with us too, he cleans it up while I give her a bath. It wasn't for another 30 minutes or so that we finally got her down to sleep.
We get back in bed and I cannot sleep. About 3am it hits me.. I run to the bathroom and throw up. It all went down hill from there. About 20 minutes after that it hit Curtis. 

There began a full day of mom, dad and baby all throwing up. It may be safe to say it was one of the worst days of my life. 

I think there should be a rule that if your baby is sick, mom AND dad cannot be. It was a hard hard day.
I can say that waking up this morning feeling so much better was SUCH a relief! I really really appreciate my health. Brooke still isn't feeling 100% today but she is doing much better. Not the best way to start off the year but hey, it can only go up from here!

I hope you all had a better first day of the year!
Happy Twenty Dozen!!! 


kristenplumb said...

ahhh!!! Horrible!!

♥Jess said...

Happy Twenty Dozen! I'm a new follower of your blog - just read your inspiring post on The Shine Project blog, amazing!

Can't wait for more!

Ashley said...

ahh man. I'm sorry. We just went through this too. It hit Jax on Christmas night, then Kendra in the morning and then the hubby and I too. It made for a rough few days.

kelly ♥ said...

oh, sorry to hear that! your baby getting sick is too bad, and you getting sick too is worse! But thank goodness that everything is fine now.

BTW, cute pics! you have a good looking family :)

Lovin' your blog.. i hope you'll visit this site for me too. you should try this only photo album for your babies.

sending my vote for you blog -love kelly ♥