Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today started out as a great day. Brooklynn was super happy. We had a great morning playing. We both took an amazing nap and then we headed to the Discovery Gateway Museum. It was a blast! She had so much fun running around and playing with all of the different things. We got a pass today. It is the perfect place to go on cold days like today. 

The day however started to go down hill when it was time to leave. She was tired and hungry and did NOT want to leave. My little brother was with us and we headed over to the food court to get a little snack. She normally gets upset when we leave somewhere fun but usually lets it go when we leave. But I think the combination of her being tired and hungry just pushed her over the edge into full on freak out mode.

She started screaming at the top of her lungs RIGHT after we ordered our food. Nothing I could do would calm her down. She was just screaming over and over and again. So I was trying to hurry up and get out of there because I felt bad for everyones ears. Doing the best I could with the situation I was in.

As I was walking out of the food court there were two girls sitting at a table with newborn babies deliberately giving me the worlds dirtiest looks. I'm talking the meanest look anyone has EVER given me. Normally I would just blow it off. But today I was already frustrated... I stopped and said, 

"Clearly you guys don't have very much experience with children or you would NOT be giving me, a fellow mom, that dirty of looks"

and walked away.

Not my best moment. I know. Confrontation is not the way to handle things but it really bothered me. Children throw fits for no reason at all. It's not like I was just sitting there ignoring her. I was doing my best to make her happy and get out as fast as I could. She is too little to respond to threats and time out and I am not going to spank her especially if she doesn't understand why. That's just not me. 

Whenever I am in a public place and I see a mom with a child who is throwing a fit and is doing the best they can I always try and give a friendly smile. Kind of like mom code for "Hey, I know you're doing the best you can I want you to do that you're not alone".

Being a mom is not easy all of the time. 

Yes it is the best thing that has ever happened to me but it can be very hard sometimes. We don't need to be giving each other dirty looks for doing the best we can. 
It's not right. 
It is amazing how just a smile can light up someone's day when they are having a hard time. We don't know what every one else is going through. And I guarantee that if you help someone else out. You will feel better too.


Ashley said...

Good for you for saying something!

kristenplumb said...

i bet you made them cry, jk. i can't believe how long brooklynns hair is!!!! crazy

Kate said...

I had a moment similar last week. i had my 3 year old niece and 9 month old daughter out alone. I didn't say anything to "my audience", but SO wanted to!

Kassie said...

I'm sure most moms want to say something in that moment. I know I would. I think it was good to say something... maybe, hopefully it made them think.

Sorry it was such a frustrating time, but you did handle it well. Regardless of what other moms thought!

Shauny said...

I'm so happy you said something! I would have done the same thing...except my verbiage would have been a little worse :-/ haha! Your an amazing mom and you did everything just right!

Jamie said...

good for you to have the courage to say something. it is tough being a mom.. and frustrating when other moms act like they don't understand! grrrr. don't even feel an ounce of 'bad' that you said something! :)

karly [plums and mustard] said...

awh! i love your blog! glad you said something! love your cute little blog!