Monday, January 9, 2012

baby tantrums

Brooklynn has FINALLY kick that stupid bug to the curb! We have gone 3 full days with no throwing up! Woohoo!! Anywho...

I would definitely say that having a 1 year old is harder than having a 2 year old. 

Not that having a 1 year old is hard. But what is hard is when she throws tantrums and is too little for time outs and to fully understand what right and wrong is. 

It seems like lately she has been gaining more and more of an attitude. It is insane. I think at this moment in time she requires a lot of attention which I am more than willing to give.
She is learning so fast and you can see it in her eyes how excited she gets when she learns something new. It makes me a very proud mama. 

She now can says: fish, jump, eyes, mama, dada, baba, nose, night night, bye bye, ball, baby, soft, and no. I even swear she said "i love you". 

She knows where her eyes, ears, and nose is.

She is so smart it amazes me every single day. Not to mention, she is getting cuter and cute every single day. I don't know how that happens!
But back to how this is a hard age...

I cannot get this girl to eat anything other than mac n cheese, waffles/pancakes, and eggs. She will eat baby food but she even is getting over that. I put so many different kinds of things in front of her and she just throws them off her tray.

It can get to be very frustrating. 

I know that if she gets hungry enough she will eat anything but I don't want to starve her! 

Any suggestions on how to get her to try new foods? I know she will like them she just needs to give them a try! 


melanie said...

our 14 month old is the SAME way! She would def. like them if she would just TRY them...keyword here, TRY! I have no advice, sorry! It is hit and miss for us, but I do love the days where she will try something new! Good Luck!

Liz Brown said...

Yay for the bug-kicking baby! :D Seriously. That can be just about earth shatteringly important sometimes.

I got a sewing machine for Christmas too. I'm enjoying it immensely.

kristenplumb said...

J is totally starting to get picky with food too. I still force it down her by trying to distract her, lately we have been watching Elmo while she eats lunch, which is the hardest time of day for food cooperation. Or sing or get her really laughing hard so she forgets she's eating food at the same time. :-)