Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got Pulled Over Today.. NOT COOL!

So I woke up today to another gloomy day. Being 6 months pregnant I appreciate the cooler weather since it's not normally like this in July, however, the gloomy weather tends to get me down. Today didn't start off the best either. I woke up and went to I Love Bagels like I do every morning. On my way home I got pulled over because the license plate tags on my moms car was expired. So the cop asked me for my license and registration, as I do this for him he notices the huge bin of prescription medication on the back seat. side note: My sister Ashley has been sick a lot in her life and so this bin is pretty much all the medications she's taken over the years. I had all her medication in the car because she forgot to take her medicine before work last week so I took it to her and forgot to take the bin out of my car. So back to the story, the cop says to be "that's quite the pharmacy you have back there". So I try to explain to him what they were but he then says "I'm going to need you to turn off your car and step out." By this time there is another cop there. So I sat on the curb while the cop looked through every single bottle of medicine. It was very frustrating, mostly because I was very hungry. So finally after he thoroughly looked through all the medicine he came to the conclusion that most were antibiotics and since they were all prescribed to my sister he decided I wasn't on or selling prescription drugs. How nice. He told me to get the registration figured out and didn't give me a fix it ticket. So my perfect record is still perfect. But it was not a fun experience which kind of set the mood for today. But now I'm going to make some mac n cheese and watch a baby story which usually puts me in a good mood. haha. AND tonight is So You Think You Can Dance! Yay! I love that show! Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny so I can get out and go swimming. Bye for now!

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