Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bachelorette

Last night we celebrated my sister Ashley being single, I suppose since she is getting married next Saturday. We are all so excited for her, so we had one last girls night out with her being a single girl. We went to Shogun a restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you. (which is quite exciting) and then over to Brittany's house for ice cream sundaes and games.

Our chef putting water on the huge frying pan to cool it down. I thought it looked so cool.

This is what they call and onion volcano! wooo!!!

Shoguns bachelorette gift for Ashley!


Sisters. :)

All of the girls.

Janice and Ashley

The ice cream sundae bar.

Cute napkins.

Ashley shaking up the sparkling cider....

....and nothing!

Ashley pouring our cider shots.


Ruth and Ashley

We played this M&M game where you have dice that get passed around and if you roll and 2 or a 7 you grab this bowl of M&M's and you have to suck them up through a straw and put them in your cup while everyone else continues to roll and pass the dice. As soon as someone else gets a 2 or a 7 they grab the bowl and start putting the M&M's into their cup! Turns out, it's a really fun game and can get very competitive!

Bachelorette candies!

Ashley and Me!!

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