Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a letter to my punkin.

 Dear Brooklynn Eileen,

This is my first letter to you. I have written many many things about you on this blog but this is to you. Today we took you to the doctor for your 9 month check up. You are actually 9 1/2 months old now but we were on vacation. I have a love/hate relationship with these appointments. I hate that you look scared when the old man doctor is putting the tongue depressor in your mouth to check your throat. I hate how sad you look after getting shots. It literally breaks my heart. But I enjoy learning about all the new things you're able to try now that you've hit a certain age. You now can eat lots of different table foods that I know you are going to love! You were so happy to eat baby food, but now you are over it. You are ready for the next best thing. 

You now weigh 23 pounds and are 30 1/2 inches tall. 
97% percentile for your weight and off the chart for your height.
That means you are a big girl. NOT a fat girl, a big girl. You are perfectly proportionate you just look like a one year old. You are perfect.

Today you did something pretty amazing. You took 3 steps from daddy to me! It was so incredible! You are the strongest little girl! You always have been. You want to be able to walk so badly and you are so daring. Which means you fall a lot. You are tough. You rarely ever cry when you fall. Only if it hurt really bad. 

These are a few things that you are loving these days..
-pulling yourself up on your toy table, pushing the buttons to make music and dancing
-your Elmo stuffed animal
-your alphabet toy
-your singing dog
-absolutely anything you can chew on (you now have 4 teeth!!)
-kitchen appliances. 
-hanging out in the kitchen with me when I cook
-when I read books to you
-bath time
-clapping your hands
-being tickled
-trying to find any chord you can find and chew on it

I love watching you explore new things every day. I love the way you look at me and smile when you find something cool and you want to show me. You are 100% a mama's girl, but you love your daddy too. I love how after I give you your bottle and we're walking to your room to put you in bed, and you rest your head on my shoulder. I wish I could hold you and snuggle you all night long. I am so thankful for our video monitor so I can at least watch you.

Your daddy and I are going on a cruise in 2 months and my heart hurts thinking about leaving you. I love you so much! Please do not grow up too fast. I love your innocence.

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are loving.
You are smart.
You are my daughter.

and i love you with my whole heart.

Your Mama



Erin said...

This is so touching and sweet. :-)

Katie said...

She will treasure this one day... Yeah for walking!

Mom Daughter Style said...

your daughter is absolutely adorable. i am enjoying your photos here and I followed your blog


My name is Ali... said...

What a beautiful letter...such a lucky girl to have that to cherish and read over and over as she gets older :)