Friday, August 26, 2011

this is the real deal people.

I know I have posted video of Brooklynn walking already but this is the real deal.
She is full on walking now and loving every second of it!
Oh and also, she got her 5th tooth today!!
Go Brooklynn!!


melanie @ once a miss, now a queen said...

Love it!

PS, where did you get her pj's?

Holly said...

Aww look at her!!! Way to go Brooklynn!!!

kristenplumb said...

wow!! so awesome!

Stephanie said...

love it! It's only appropriate that a now-walking baby deserves- and needs, I might add- that pair of toms!! So cute!

Kandice said...

OH my SO adorable!! haha

just imagining natalie walking right now is almost giving me goosebumps! good luck with her ;) haha

*liSa* said...

HOly Cow Brooklyn is running!! What happen to walk before you can run. That girl is determined! haha