Monday, July 11, 2011

The Airport/Airplane Experience...

So, to say that yesterdays airport experience was the worst I've ever had would be an understatement!

Around 4:30pm we got in the car and Curtis drove us to the airport. We parked, of course, so he could help me with my bags. I decided to bring the jogging stroller instead of the umbrella stroller incase I wanted to go jogging while I was here. (Big Big BIG mistake)!! Apparently American Airlines has a new policy that if your stroller weighs more than 20 LBS you have to check it at the front with your other bags!! 
That meant, that in addition to my 30 LBS carry on bag I had to HOLD Brooklynn throughout the entire airport!! I was so mad. And on top of that the Lambert airport had be hit by a tornado about a month ago so there were boards for windows making it really hot in the airport.

Going through security was SO hard! I had to get my computer out of my backpack, and the formula and food for Brooklynn, while holding her, while she's trying to grab and knock everything out of my hands.. and of course, NO ONE OFFERED TO HELP ME! I was so flustered I forgot to take my shoes off to go through the scanner so I had to go back and send my shoes through. 
I finally get everything back in my backpack and we're on our way to our gate. 

I remember Curtis telling me I was in terminal D so I took a quick look at my ticket saw "22D" and headed on my way.. After walking a mile I reach 20D and realize there is no 22D!!?
I look at my ticket again and realize that 22D is my seat number!!
We were supposed to be at gate 4D!!! 
I was sweaty, and mad, and my back and arms were hurting so bad!

I get to the gate and find a seat. It's so hard to have a baby who needs to sit on your lap but wants to crawl all around. I put B on the seat next to me and she grabbed the strap of the girls purse who was next to her. The girl makes an annoyed face and says "ummm, can I have the back pleasee??". 
Yeah, we got up and moved to another seat. What a rude girl?
So we find a seat by the window next a really nice lady. That made the time go by a little fast which was nice.

So we board the plane and she was soo good. I luckily was sitting next to the nicest man, who was probably in his 50ies. He was so helpful! I am thankful I was sitting next to him on that jam packed flight! We took off and all was still good. About an hour into the flight was her bedtime. So I gave her a bottle and tried to bounce her to sleep...
She was not havin it.. She got super fussy for about 45 minutes and I thought I was going to go crazy. I had to take her to the very back of the plane where again it was sooo hot!!
My back and arms couldn't take it anymore so we went and sat down again.. that lasted for about 10 minutes and she started to get fussy again.. so back to the back of the plane we went.
After about 15 minutes of bouncing she FINALLY fell asleep.

I headed back to my seat and popped open a magazine. One diet coke (well I ordered a diet coke and got a regular coke! American Airlines is not my fave) and one magazine article later... she was awake! DANG! And she was awake the whole rest of the flight. But she was pretty good for the remainder!

I was SO happy when we landed! 
My mom was there to pick us up and it was an hour drive home!

I was so happy to finally be to my parents house. Brooklynn was asleep finally by 11:30 which was really 1:30am for us! I also jumped right into bed! Luckily B slept until 7:15 this morning! I was so thankful for that! I now am blogging from my sisters house! I have 4 nephews under age 8 here and Brookie is loving them! I'll tell you more about my day later but I thought I'd share my great (notreally) experience at the airport/airplane.

And I get to do it all over again in 2 weeks! AH.


Sarah said...

oh my gosh! I'm so sorry to hear that :( babies can be so fussy. and how rude of that lady...sheesh!
well at least you have two weeks to rest until you have to do it again :)

Btw, come by my page, because you've won an award!

The Cisneros Family! said...

Oh my gosh hahaha I couldn't help but laugh at that entire thing! Not because it was funny, but because I could only imagine what that must have been like! I would have gone nuts! Ew and that up-tight lady needed to chill...Well, I'm glad you got through it all unscathed!