Friday, July 22, 2011

Bass Lake in Photos.

So, there is not much to write about Bass Lake because we pretty much do the same thing everyday. So instead I took LOTS and I mean LOTS of photos!
Prepare yourself for an overload of photos! 
I will put captions under the photos that need some explaining.

 Somehow, water got in my very expensive baby monitor... but of course, PaPa can fix anything!

 These are all of the great grandchildren in order from oldest to youngest (the ones that were there)

 McCartney is the cutest little thing.. this is her doing her model pose! HAHA!

 I've been trying to get a photo of B's top two teeth coming in! This was the best I could do!

 Everyone playing "water in the face". The person in the middle thinks of a category such as ice cream flavors, then thinks of one. Then goes to each person and they guess. Whoever guesses right gets water in their face from a spoon. Also, if you repeat someone else's guess you get water in your face as well. This game started long before I was born! Definitely a Bass Lake favorite!

So, there you have it. An overload of bass lake photos! And we're here for one more day so there might be another post. But maybe not cause that's a lot.. 
I hope you enjoyed!
until next year!


gratefulmama said...

Wonderful photos!! Makes me want to go to Bass Lake. We just sold our boat to a guy that lives up at Bass Lake! Small world.

Kaitlin Graff said...

Yay! Looks like so much fun!

Curtis.Duty said...

Just when I thought i'd hot my jealousy threshold...

Curtis.Duty said...


Holli said...

So glad you found my blog! I'm from Fresno and my mom and step dad live in Bass Lake.... I live in Dallas now but all my family and friends are in California. Makes life hard.... but we all fly back and forth a lot to visit which is nice.

Loved seeing these pics!! Gave my homesickness a cure for a little bit.... :)

Courtney said...

Love bass lake! And my family plays the "water" game also, but we have always called it the "thimble game" for some reason. But always a classic!.love the pics!

Kim said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!
I've enjoyed the pictures from your trip. You have a HUGE family!!!! I'm sooo jealous!
I'll totally have to remember the "water in your face" game, looks like tons of fun!

Holly said...

I love that picture of all the great grandkids in your family...what a neat idea!