Friday, July 29, 2011

It's too dang hot, and stuff.

Okay people, I am dying here in this heat. I don't ever want to leave our apartment! And our apartment isn't even that cool. Since we are on the second level and have these hugemongous windows no matter how low we keep the air, which is usually at about 55 degrees ALL DAY ( it's a dang good thing we don't have to pay utilities in the summer) it still gets to about 80 degrees in here from 1pm to 9pm, then it starts to cool down. It's pretty awful I'm not gonna lie.

I really am not exaggerating when I say it's really freakin hot.

You know how I know it's too hot? When it's a clear day and NO ONE is at the pool.

You wanna know why no one is at the pool? 

Sorry if that seemed like I was yelling at you. Because I wasn't. It's just really dang hot here! And when I am really hot I am really tired and don't want to do anything. And I hate when I feel that way.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.. but I was just thinkin about how I could never liver her perminitely because it's too hot. haha

Well, I'm going to leave you with this photo because I forgot about it and I don't think I've ever posted it anywhere and I like it. This was about 4 months ago..


Cerrisse said...

I hear ya girl! It's super hot here too. I live in Southern Utah and no one is ever outside. They are even calling this a cool summer!
Cute picture!

kristenplumb said...

i hope you guys live in california some day! perfect weather! i am sooo freaking sad i missed you! i am so mad about myself for getting sick and then being to busy at lake powell and the one sunday you were back. i really wished i could see you. i love your picture...Baby B is sooo cute! but isn't it crazy - they are almost 1 year soon! ahhh!

kristenplumb said...

omg you are 39!! I just voted for you! you are doing a crazy good job!

Laura said...

I love that big 'ol flower on her head!

Jamie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! I'm a new follower! :o)

Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her headbands! So precious!

Katie said...

LOVE that humungous(?) flower! I totally feel your pain, we live in New Mexico and going out in the middle of the day is no longer an option.