Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Photo And An Idea.

Alright lovelies, I promised a photo so I'm gonna give you a photo. Two photos actually! Today I wore my new shirt and felt way cuter today than I have in a while!
I know the shirt I bought is still pretty simple but it's a big step up from my v necks! 
I plan on adding a few new things to my wardrobe.
Every time I wear something new I am going to post a photo. 
Help rebuild my self esteem!
So here it is!

 shirt: forever21, pants: gap, necklace: handmade, shoes:toms

Today we went to the mall with my sister-in-law Marilyn for dinner and we stopped in Destination Maternity so she could get some pants... cause she's pregnant.
And they had this little contraption in the store...
Umm.. pretty cool. B loved it.
I've decided that when we finally settle down in a house we are building one of these.. Mine will look a little different with different toys but for reals, how cool would that be? A safe little place for babies/toddlers to play in while mom can do things around the house!?
Pretty incredible if you ask me.

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Live Joyful said...

Cute top! You look great :)

Erin said...

Way cute top!! One of the things that everyone's told me about loosing weight is that you have a better chance of succeeding if you buy new clothes that make you feel cute. It helps with your confidence.

The Cisneros Family! said...

I love the new top! I think that's a great idea... you really can't underestimate the power of just feeling gosh darn cute :)

*liSa* said...

Oh my goodness that top is fabulous, no seriously though it's awesome. When i saw it i wanted it. I might come and steal it from you!;)
I have discovered that sometimes the simpliest things are the BEST! Think about it, it doesn't take long to think about and you don't waste extra time in the stor looking for more things to add to one outfit.
I love reading your blog, some days i feel like i can't keep up, but when i do i lovereading it! Your life is full of excitement!