Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today was a good day!

Whenever we go on a day long trip were it messes up Brooklynn's schedule she is always really good! Like for instance.. Sunday, when we went boating all day she maybe slept for about an hour. But she was still so good. We had fun! It is amazing.

But there is a catch... isn't there always?? We definitely pay for it the next day. Without fail, she is CRAZY fussy the next day. It's rough, let me tell you. That is life. But I would rather her be fussy at home where I can comfort her than when we are out having fun. It's all about compromise I suppose. 

That is how yesterday was. Soooo fussy. She wouldn't take her naps, and she just wined the whole day. I felt bad for her and I was tired and she was tired and it just wasn't a good day.

Today was better! I got my sweet, happy, playful baby back! We had SUCH a good day! We played, and she took really good naps, and we went to the mall (i'll show you what we got in photos tomorrow). :) Got stopped multiple times like I always do because of how dang cute she is! Today was good. I loved today. I wish everyday was like today!

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CaseyWiegand said...

aw i know how that is!!!!!! beautiful girls!!!!!