Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Friends

Yesterday I got together with some girls from my high school that all now have babies too. It's funny to see these girls who I went to high school with all being mommies too! Makes me feel like we are really old.. even though we're not. :)

We met up at a park by my house and Brooklynn felt sand for the first time. She was very curious and I feel she liked it a lot. I love watching her explore new things! All of the girls have little boys who are at least 17 months old so she would watch and study everything that they would do. She wants to be able to walk and play like they did SO bad!

I really enjoy talking with other moms who have babies who are older than Brooklynn and ask them about different things that they have done with their children. It also was fun to catch up with them. I hadn't seen Meghan in over a year, and I hadn't seen Alayna since high school! Nicole I see more than that but still not enough!! And all of their little boys are SO dang cute!!m

After the park we had yummy Rubios and then B was expired. 
I wish I could get together with these girls more often but living in Utah and St. Louis does not allow that. 
Well, I do love it when I can.

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Elana said...

So cute! Our kiddos are almost the same age--my boy was born on October 18!

kristenplumb said...

I wish I could have seen you! Hopefully Sunday! Have fun at the lake! I hope I will be feeling better by then!

Curtis.Duty said...

The little group photo makes me wonder how anyone could live without children. Jenna and I are in discussions about how much family expansion we're going to do!!

kyna... said...

Your little one is absolutely adorable! And I LOVE her name! That was one of my first choices for our baby girl, but my hubby vetoed it! :-(

Following you back!