Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Love Big Bows!

I told you yesterday that I bought something at the mall that I was going to show you in photos! And here it is! It is a onsie that says, "The Bigger The Bow, The Better The Mommy"
I just could not resist myself!! 

Anywho, I am always so paranoid any time we are outside about putting Brooklynn on the ground. I'm not gonna lie it freaks me out. But, I was reading about how it's good for them to explore and just to make sure there is nothing bad they can put in their mouths. So today we went to the park and I let her crawl around on the grass for the first time. 
She loved it. She loved the feel of the grass on her hands and feet.
We will definitely be playing in the grass more often.
It is amazing to see her explore and see the world. 
She needs to expand her knowledge past our little apartment..

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Kristy said...

She is SO CUTE!! And I LOVE her shirt!! I LOVE big bows too and try to never let Lexie leave the house without one!!

katie.michelle said...

She is SUCH a sweetie!!!! :) Big bows and big flowers = the best thing you can put on a baby girl. Hands down.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I love that quote!!! Awesome! Your baby girl is rockin that huge flower! :0)